The moment we have been waiting for…

The Intro.

Annie and Anna© www.lorenzophotographer.co.uk

Finally after many months of no posts, hours of laughter, lots of cups of coffee, several bottles of wine and some sleepless nights, this is the moment I have been waiting for….. a formal introduction to Annie, my new business partner. It is an understatement to say just how excited we are for what lies ahead.

A little background… Annie and I are childhood friends. We were introduced by our parents when Annie moved to Scotland. Can you just picture the scene? The dread of having to be introduced and ‘be nice’ to yet another of your parents’ friends’ children. It was the last thing I wanted, in fact both of us wanted, not forgetting we were tiresome, grumpy, hormonal teenagers! Dutifully we both met, begrudgingly and probably rather awkwardly, but I have to say the rest is history and we have been firm friends ever since. We have lived together in my parents’ flat in Edinburgh during Annie’s art foundation year and my gap year working for Simpson & Brown architects, travelled together and partied together. Along the way we both collared two gorgeous husbands shared baby trials, tantrums and tribulation, not forgetting all the good times with lots of fun and laughter and we are now working together.

So to launch our new venture, we have rebranded  – AB Design and Interiors, Style with a story. We had our first photo shoot with the lovely, patient and incredibly talented photographer, Lorenzo (N.B this is Annie’s husband!)….and to let you into a secret, sorry Annie but she was a disaster and found it very difficult not to laugh or pull a silly face, I’m just wondering next time whether her darling husband should give her a glass of something sparkly before we begin…?!

Anna and Annie

© www.lorenzophotographer.co.uk

Pass the sparkly Annie, I also pulled a few faces and found I was examining every wrinkle and facial expression – the blink, the wink, the frown in order to achieve a wonderful ‘relaxed’ shot that captured our story, a moment together… I will let you all be the judge of whether we succeeded… but honestly we are extremely happy with the final results.

So in short, we are two blue eyed blondes, with four kiddies between us, two long suffering husbands and a couple of cats thrown in… we are the perfect ying to each other’s yang, with Annie’s background in art and graphic design and my background in architecture, traveling and all things colour, texture and pattern, and our shared love of London, we strive to make the unexpected work. Designing, styling and delivering interior spaces is what we share and LOVE. We are passionate about our work and we can’t wait to share many more stories.

Stay tuned for our next chapter.

  • Jess Nicholls

    April 28, 2017 at 8:42 am Reply

    What a great intro! Wishing both the best of everything in your new venture together!

  • Linda Davidson

    June 23, 2017 at 3:23 pm Reply

    Lovely…hope it’s going just as you wish for…

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