About The Columbian Collective

The Colombia Collective believes every home tells a story and we want to bring yours to life. By working directly with artisan communities across Colombia (no middle-men here), we merge traditional techniques with modern design. The result is beautifully hand-crafted designs that offer just as much soul, as they do style.
In 2019, architect Kate Wrigley, was living in Colombia whilst working for the Mayor of Bogota. After discovering the country’s incredible craftsmanship, she began to spend her weekends travelling to visit artisans along the country’s Caribbean Coast. She couldn’t believe that such beautiful techniques had been passed down for generations and yet their work remained mostly unknown outside of their communities. Determined to share the incredible stories and pieces she had discovered with friends back home, Kate soon began working with her first artisan in the tiny village of Usiacri.

Today, The Colombia Collective works with over 800 artisans from 14 different communities. Each of these has their own culture, identity and story that forms a fundamental part of their work. It is through constant collaboration and learning with these communities that we bring you the completely unique collections you see today.