Property maintenance



AB Property Management assists homeowners with the management and maintenance of their London properties. Our services enable our clients to concentrate on important matters such as family or work, whilst we devote our attention to ensuring the home runs smoothly.

We attend to alarms, trim the wisteria, service the boiler, make sure the property is secure and much more. We will help to manage, maintain and run every aspect of your flat or house, in a professional yet personal manner.

We only use contractors with whom we have positive experiences. Our aim is to build enduring relationships with our clients, using a team we trust to care for your homes.



Our service operates independently to an agency’s lettings package. Many landlords use lettings agents to oversee the upkeep of their properties but this can sometimes be of low priority to the agent, and sadly, landlords do not always get value for money. All too often busy estate agents have a small team who may not ever see the inside of the property, and on hearing about a problem they call a third party contractor who collects keys and visits the property unaccompanied. This can often be an expensive way of dealing with what might be as simple problem as a blown fuse. In many cases we are able to solve problems on our own with no need to call out third parties.

We take the time to meet our clients and, importantly, the tenants too. They are an integral part of the package and their happiness is paramount in the long term.


Clients on Vacation

Many of our clients spend time away from their London base. Whether it is a short business trip or a longer vacation, we can remove the worry of leaving the house unattended, we deliver a professional service ensuring the property is regularly checked thoroughly. Often our clients return to find their home better than when they left with bins emptied, post sorted and the fridge restocked.

Many of our clients opt to undertake repairs or other odd jobs while they are away. We coordinate with clients to manage necessary renovations and redecoration when the properties are vacant. Our clients avoid the upheaval, dust and disruption that these types of work normally generate and instead, return home to a refreshed and expertly maintained house or flat.