Diane Chaudouet – The Piano


Lungenheilstaetten Grabowsee, Oranienburg  Mai 2011. The Piano
Printed onto aluminium.
Limited Edition of 15
Size: 45 x 60cm

DIANE CHAUDOUET (b.1987, France) is a self taught photographer who deepens different areas around the  image. She puts herself personally at stake to understand and feel the ins and outs of her researches.
Her last works were shown inter alia in la Galerie Cosmos, Paris, and in la Maison de la Photographie, Lille.
Diane arrived in Berlin in 2010.
Diane: I photographed alone over one year many abandoned places which I visited regularly. Because I developed my relationship with each one of these locations over the months, I thus could tame them, and detach myself from their strength to concentrate on the details. I also could see them exposed to the seasonal fluctuations. furthermore, although these places are qualified as abandoned, I noticed the life they still shelter.


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