BRITISH COLOUR STANDARD – Striped – Opaline, Pompadour & Rust Set Eco Dinner Candles, 4 Pack


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A brand new collection we have titled ABSTRACT
This a boxed set of 4 lovely eco, fair trade dinner candles, in chunky stripes of Opaline, Pompadour & Rust.

Perfect for special occasions these unique candles make a wonderful gift for a host, or gift to self…!
Hand poured in Indonesia, the wax colours are poured layer by layer, so they are a really special handmade item as well as being Fair Trade and eco!
Stearin wax is a naturally hard, veg extract wax that burns very slowly with a tall, clean flame and with almost no smoke or dripping.

Set of 4, in an easily recyclable Kraft card gift box
24.5cm tall, standard UK/EU fit with a crowned base
8-9 hour burn time, with a tall clean flame.
Non-drip and almost no smoking or sooting
Fair Trade made
100% Stearin wax (Veg origin)
Pure cotton wick from Germany (Lead/Metal free)
Ecological colour dyes, Paraffin free.
No animal derived ingredients
Hand poured in Indonesia

Candle Care & Safety:
Handle with care. The hand-poured nature of the product means that this is a delicate item and wax discs can separate if rattled too much.
Best when lit for 4 hours at a time
Stop burning when 2cm of unmelted candle remains