AB French Antique Confit Pots

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French Antique Confit Pots

We fell in love with these beautiful hand thrown French preserving jars which were made in the late 1800s / early 1900s.

These jars were used for storing meat such as pate, chicken, duck, and pork. Throughout France these pots were created with a ‘style’ specific to their region and these are most likely  from the Languedoc region.

We love the shape and colour of these gorgeous glazed pots in a soft light grey.

The pots can be used as flower pots in the garden, on the patio, kitchen utensil pot, storage, or as a lovely decorative feature in ones home.

Condition: Very good. There are some age marks and imperfections but that just adds to the character.

They are glazed inside and out, they have cup handles and beautiful shine and patina.

Weight: heavy.

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