Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse

Painting the Modern Garden, Monet to Matisse

Painting the Modern Garden – Monet to Matisse, at the Royal Academy of Arts was a feast for the eyes and the imagination. It is a wonderfully rich exhibition that certainly didn’t disappoint but most importantly reinforced the strength and influence between fine art and interiors. The colour palette across each painting is inspiring and surprisingly modern, for example from the greens to the pinks – a wonderful myriad of colours.


So many of the exhibits I haven’t seen before and in the time I spent there I only managed to dip my toes in, I can’t wait to go back and explore it all further. A wonderful perk of being a member of the RA is that I am able to go to the show before it opens every Friday morning.

The exhibition starts with a wonderful quote:

‘I perhaps owe it to flowers that I became a painter’. Claude Monet

and as you go through the exhibition and dig deeper there is wonderful quote from the journalist Guillemot after interviewing Monet in 1897:

‘He reads more catalogues and horticultural price lists than artists on aesthetics’.

Each and every artist is an inspiration.

‘The colours of flowers drew me magnetically to them, and suddenly I was painting’. Emil Nolde

To be continued…




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