Our story

‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’ William Morris


 AB Design and Interiors is a collaboration between Annie and Anna, two childhood friends with a background in the arts and architecture respectively. We are Interior designers based in London.


 Annie has been surrounded by art and antiques since her childhood as both her parents have always been avid collectors. With an art and graphic design background the migration towards interiors was a natural and exciting progression. Design and form comes from her knowledge of the arts and drives her ambition to source unusual pieces directly from the artisans.


 Over the years Anna has been particularly inspired by her travels. Exploring and immersing herself in their cultures, bringing these influences to each and every project. Mixing the use of an array of colour with unusual patterns and textures comes naturally.


 Combining our experiences with our love of art, design, and fashion we find inspiration to create a style within each and every room. We share a strong understanding of the use of space and it’s flow and we love to make the unexpected work. Either by mixing our clients’ heirlooms with contemporary or antiques pieces and or blending colours palettes with shapes and patterns. It never fails to surprise us how the mood of a room can be either dramatically or subtly changed.


 We have always sought out the unexpected. We have a strong desire to create within every house a home. To give it a heart and a soul. We believe everything in a room should tell its own story…..


 Our philosophy is to design beautiful spaces tailored to each individual client.

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