“Ghastly good taste”

On Sunday morning I read a wonderful article by India Hicks and it very much appealed to me and below I have stolen some of her words as the perfect introduction to this blog…

‘John Betjeman wrote of “ghastly good taste” in the context of architecture, but the phrase has many useful applications.

The desire to ape French women (thin, unhappy and wondering who their husband’s shagging) falls into this category. So do those terrifying barren interiors – kitchen, notably – that we’re meant to admire: half hospital, half morgue, with zero evidence of any kind of living happening in them. This is the kind of taste that doesn’t trust itself, which means it’s no taste at all. Give me fridge magnets any day. And a battered sofa on which to drink fantastically vulgar, homemade cocktails’. India Knight in the Sunday Times Magazine.

More than anything I love to make a house a home and give any space a heart, a soul and a personality. Everything in the room should speak to you and feel comfortable in its surroundings. Recently I have been very fortunate to be invited to an incredible house in Salzburg, packed full of with wonderful art, antiques and eclectic pieces of furniture, collected over many years and brought back to Austria to be loved and enjoyed. It is the perfect example of a home. Everywhere I look there is a hidden treasure and on returning a second time there was so much I missed the first time. A real feast for the eyes.

Feeling very spoilt and about to enjoy a lovely snowy walk in the hills above.

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