Colour with a conscience

Chapter 3.

Prismatic Colour Wheel

A Masterclass in Colour by Edward Bulmer at OKA…

At the end of last week, I went to a wonderful and very inspiring talk by Edward Bulmer, hosted by Oka, Fulham Road. I bought a ticket rather on a whim and when the time came I was rather up against it with deadlines etc but so pleased I made the effort and went. Not only was it lovely to have a brief synopsis of Edward’s interior design working life over the past 30 years but also to hear about his journey that led to making his own range of natural paint. Edward has worked pretty much solely on incredible historic houses, Britain’s finest houses, making them into homes for the current generations which sits beautifully with my love of architecture and trying where possible to keep as many of the original features in the homes that we have the enormous pleasure to work on and as you all also know colour is everything to me. So you can imagine how excited I was to hear and feel Edward’s incredible love and passion for colour and how he makes it work.

All his colour are mixed from just twelve pigments (yellow ochre, red ochre, red lead, vermillion, carmine, prussian blue, ultramarine, viridian, chrome yellow, lead white, lamp black) creating the most wonderful natural palette of seventy two colours.

“Edward is a master in both the art and science of colour, an expert with a mission to revive the world of natural colour. He also has that technical knowhow to translate historic reference into paint shades perfectly tuned for fashionable modern living. Unlike virtually all other paints on the market, our colours are designed, made and mixed by an expert in interiors.”

Edward Bulmer Natural paints are exceptional quality, unrivalled palette of colour with numerous health benefits, therefore giving us paint with a conscience.

Then today following on with my love of colour, I took my mother to the incredible Hockney exhibition at the Tate Britain.  It was our last chance to see it but it certainly didn’t disappoint even on my third visit and following on from talking to Edward Bulmer last week it was so exciting to see another master of colour.

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