Finding the perfect match. Part two.

Following on from our previous blog,  ‘finding the perfect match – part one’ this takes takes us on to part two, and the intro to two new super lampshade designers.

What has also been exciting for Annie and Anna about this whole process is that we asked each designer to photograph the siphon base and shades in their own home interior. This shows the lamps in a lovely variety of interior spaces which creates a different look, mood and feel. That is what we love about interiors as it makes it each space totally different and unique…..


Working from home…

It has taken me the last four weeks to get some sort of semblance of normality back into our lives, well I should be more precise I have finally worked through a skeleton of a routine with the children, to be able to work out which hours of the day would be mine to focus on work. In reality it is still very much a work in progress. So I can only keep my fingers crossed. Next week of course it will change again when we embark on the remote schooling…


London Design Festival 2019

End of an exhausting but hugely fun couple of days exploring London during design week.

There was so much to enjoy from FOCUS at the Design Centre to the endless design trials throughout central London, from Chelsea to Brompton to Pimlico to Shoreditch to Kings Cross and so it goes on. Not only is it hard to narrow it down but impossible to see everything but here are our top 5 highlights in no particular order.READ MORE

In conversation with Kevin Dutton…

How we met?
Kevin lives locally to me in Dulwich and we met through friends. I have always admired his work so being able to show his stunning photographs at our Open House has been such an honour. As well as his unique, style of photography we particularly love the fact that his subjects are the very plants that he grows in his garden.


We are dying to introduce you to Diane Chaudouet…

How we met?
Annie: We found Diane through a very dear friend who is a highly regarded and knowledgeable art collector. It has been a very exciting journey connecting with Diane and we feel especially lucky to have the opportunity to show her work and our open house is the first opportunity of seeing her work in the UK.  Her beautiful images are printed onto aluminium which gives each piece another dimension as the light bounces off and the colours are reflected. 


What was the trigger that got you into art?
I didn’t really get into art officially until I decided lately to show some works and share them with an audience. I didn’t describe myself as an artist. I always used material of my everyday/periods of life to make something with. It was not a premeditated production, it was more a way to be in the world.READ MORE