Picasso Portraits.

Portraits of Olga Picasso

‘Picasso’s portraits epitomise the astonishing variety and innovation of his art. This major exhibition of over eighty works focuses on the artist’s portrayal of family, friends and lovers and reveals his creative processes as he moved freely between drawing from life, humorous caricature and expressive painting from memory.READ MORE

London is Open

London Design Festival 2016

This week I had my work cut out enjoying everything that is happening throughout this year’s London Design Festival. It is a military operation, making sure I don’t miss out. London at its best. London is open.READ MORE

Fine Cell Work

Fine Cell Work

What an incredible venture, Fine Cell Work, a unique charity and social enterprise which trains prisoners in paid, highly-skilled and creative, needlepoint to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem.READ MORE

September is the new January

‘I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that the real New Year doesn’t begin on 1 January but on 1 September.

September is a brilliant month because your skin is still glowing from the summer sun, the weather is gently creeping into lovely, bronzed autumn and you can begin making the transition into your winter wardrobe.

Technically, September always has been the New Year for me…..