Abstract Expressionism

“…from the sublime to the revelatory” The Times

Mark Rothko, Untitled (Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on Red) 1949

Mark Rothko, Untitled (Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on Red) 1949


‘Exploring an unparalleled period in American art, this long-awaited exhibition reveals the full breadth of a movement that will forever be associated with the boundless creative energy of 1950s New York.’ RA


Jackson Pollock, Mural, 1943Jackson Pollock, Mural 1943

Jackson Pollock, Blue Poles, 1952Jackson Pollock, Blue Poles 1952

Leather Heaven

Alma Leather, 12-14 Greatorex Street, London, E1

Alma Leather

Alma Leather

Today I discovered the most incredible treasure trove in the east end of London – a basement stuffed full of the every sort of leather under the sun READ MORE

Half-term happiness in Scotland

‘The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most’ John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice.

Gleneagles, Scotland, AutumnHaving just jumped back on the train to London after a wonderful and restorative week in Scotland with the kiddies for their half term holiday, it seemed the perfect time to document our week.

Gleneagles, autumn, scotland, autumnal huesHaving grown up in Scotland I love being able to give my little people a tiny slice of my childhood and honestly what better time to go than the autumn. The light, the colours and the huge skies completely blew me away. READ MORE

Art and Interiors

Following on from my fleeting visit to the Affordable Art Fair Preview Wednesday evening, it made me think seriously about the strong and growing relationship between art and interiors.

For me, a house becomes a home only once you add your own personality to the walls.

Art_and_InteriorsREAD MORE