Art and Interiors

Following on from my fleeting visit to the Affordable Art Fair Preview Wednesday evening, it made me think seriously about the strong and growing relationship between art and interiors.

For me, a house becomes a home only once you add your own personality to the walls.

Art_and_InteriorsArt is emotive and prompts conversations and therefore art is an important part of ones living space and has led me to the question – does the art come first – directing / prescribing the colour scheme or do you design your interiors and then add art? This then becomes the age old chicken and egg scenario, no right or wrong way round?

Growing up I enjoyed endless wonderful and exciting exhibitions with my parents. School holidays, half terms, both in the UK and aboard were peppered with visit to galleries. My mother is a wonderful artist, trained as a sculptor (and my father incredibly musical). Art was a huge part of my childhood but I realise that this is perhaps unusual? I took for granted all the wonderful things on our walls at home. Is this an undiscovered barrier for some? Why do some people struggle to make decision? Is there too much choice? Do they not trust their judgement or afraid to make the often considerable investment? (Although often this doesn’t need to be the case) Or perhaps they don’t see it as an investment but a waste of money? The questions are endless.

My husband and I buy the majority of our art at auction. Doing a huge amount of research into the condition of the piece and of course the provenance. Wherever you buy your art I believe foremost you must fall in love with it, creating a strong connection and or relationship whether it be from childhood or a new found love.

Art is incredibly important and exciting and there are endless possibilities. Like interiors everyone’s taste is different so nothing is can be wrong. Be brave and trust yourself and most importantly your instinct.

Place to buy art: The Affordable Art Fair, London priced from £50 to £3,000. Arts Unwrapped open studio events, and the art schools’ degree shows: at the Royal College of Art students’ show, prices start at £200.

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