AB Design and Interiors’ Open House 2019

Now only thirteen days to go……. the excitement is intensifying, the planning and preps is multiplying and Anna and I are feeling super with how all the months of planning is coming together, although a little yikes as there is still plenty we need to do…… and breath, we are under control says Anna calmly.


I feel so lucky to be part of a duo that is AB Design and Interiors. The beauty of working together with such a fantastic astute business lady as well hugely talented interior designer, and not forgetting a very special friend is just brilliant, I feel incredibly lucky and very happy. We have often said we are the ying and yang to each other and I believe we truly are. We work incredibly well together, if the chips are down and one of us is feeling as though they are treading in treacle it doesn’t last long as we share our conundrums stresses, or design block – yes it does happen! We talk it through and problems are very swiftly resolved and one feels back on the straight, and narrow and focused again. Like so many we also share the juggling act of balancing work, life and family and when the occasional curb ball happens when a child is unwell, unable to go to school and there’s an imminent important meeting, one of us swings into action and supports the other. So Anna just a shout out to say thank you for being brilliant.

Now back to our Open House,  here’s a little background to one of our pieces. We came across this day bed (at a secret location) quite a few months ago and it kept niggling us in the back of our minds to the point we realised we wanted it to be part of our AB collection. We made the call keeping our fingers crossed, really hoping that it had not gone to another home. It was that feeling again PLEASE, please we so want it and would simply love to have our name on it. The stars were aligned or we were in luck and she travelled carefully to London. I don’t know why it became a she but it just did! This was the beginning of her journey as she required a lot of TLC and some AB magic and I can tell she is looking amazing. What we love about her as well as looking fabulous is that she has two functions – obviously a slight giveaway in the name. If space is a premium then this is definitely a winner or quite simply you, as we did may just fall in love with her. She can sit perfectly, neat and stunning in any room, be used as a sofa and if required the arms can retract and hey presto she has turned into a single bed!

What more can you ask for, happy days, happy Sunday. Do join us and see the the first reveal of her (we’ll have to work on a name) at our Open House with the Dulwich Arts Festival, so do make a note of these dates in your diary:

11-12 and 18-19 May, 2019

11am – 6pm

93 Woodwarde Road


SE22 8UL

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